Thulung Farm

Thulung Farm is a family owned farm belonging to Thulung Family from Tarahara Eastern Nepal. Various kind of crops (अन्न-वाली), vegetable (साग-सब्जी/तरकारी) and fruits (फलफूल) are grown in Thulung Farm. Crops like rice (धान), wheat (गहु), millet (कोदो), corn/maize (मकै) , lentils (दाल/गेडा गुडी) , mustard (तोरी) and vegetables (सब्जी) like potato (आलु), sweet potato (सुठुनी), radish (मुला), lady’s finger (चिप्ले भेंडी) also known as Okra, brinjal (बैगुन) also known as eggplant, beans (बोडी), long green beans (बोडी), peas (मटर/केराउ), green leafy vegetables (हरियो साग-सब्जी), onion (प्याज), garlic (लसुन), ginger (अदुवा), turmeric (वेसर/हार्दी), coriander (धनिया), basil (तुलसी), cassava (सिमल तरुल) yam also known as taro, squash/chokos (इस्कुस), cucumber (काक्रा) (technically fruit), pumpkin (फर्सी) (technically fruit) and fruits like: lemons (कागति), mango (आप), pineapple (अनारस/भुइ कटर), jackfruit (कटर/रुख कटर), sugarcane (ऊखु), lychee (लिच्ची), banana (केरा), papaya (मेवा) also known as pawpaw, guava (अम्बक), chilli (खोर्सानी) and tomato (टमटर) (its categories as fruit) etc. every year depending on the time and season of the year.
We also had some cattle/animals like cow, ox, goat, chicken, pigeon etc.

Thulung Farm – Hattigauda Tarahara Eastern Nepal

Thulung Farm levelling work – Tarahara Eastern Nepal.

Pineapple in Thulung Farm – Tarahara Eastern Nepal.

Lychee in Thulung Farm – Tarahara Eastern Nepal.

Anyone by looking at this photo may say its just a green grass field. But its not, its lentil plant in its early stage in Thulung Farm – Tarahara Eastern Nepal.

Long green beans plant in its early stage in Thulung Farm – Tarahara Eastern Nepal.

Beans plant in Thulung Farm – Tarahara Eastern Nepal.

Radish in Thulung Farm

Sweet Potato plant in its early state in Thulung Farm – Tarahara Eastern Nepal.

Cassava in Thulung Farm

Banana in Thulung Farm

Lemon tree in Thulung Farm. Now this looks like an orange/mandarin orange but its not, its a lemon. This is a cross between mandarin orange and lemon, like a cross/mixed race children born from parents belonging to two different countries/nation.
Thanks to Thulung Patriarch who planted this lemon tree more than 20 years ago.
Many family friends, relatives, neighbours and fellow home-town folks have been blessed and benefited from this lemon tree and now happy owner of their own cross marriage lemon tree in their own backyard and farms.

Thulung Farm Lemon: In looks, shape and size its more like mandarin orange, the way you peel and even the amount of juice it has it all makes you say its mandarin orange. But when it comes to its soul, its taste its far from mandarin orange. Its 100% lemon.

Mustard plant in Thulung Farm. When its young and tender you can eat its leaves as leafy vegetables, just like other leafy vegetables: bok choy, choy sum, spinach, watercress etc. Later when mustard plant mature its seeds are crushed to produce mustard oil, which is used for cooking and by/for new mums who just had their new born babes. Mustard oil is heated/warmed and is applied on the skin/body to massage and keep newly graduated mums warm and strong after recent child birth.

Garlic from Thulung Farm

Rice paddy in Thulung Farm

Millet in Thulung Farm

Grape Fruit in Thulung Farm

Guava in Thulung Farm

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