Cycling around Bhawanipur Lake Side – Tarahara Eastern Nepal

Jamis, the one that has faithfully covered 100s and by now 1000s of kilometres around Eastern Nepal.

One of our many cycling tours in Koshi Zone Eastern Nepal. Hasin Simsar, Jurassic Park and the Dinosaurs.

Cycling to Sapta Koshi Bridge, Chatara North, new bridge under construction that will link Udaypur, Khotang, Bhojpur Districts with Sunsari District.

Cycling to Seuti Pool Kumar Khat Eastern Nepal.

Cycling along Charkose Jhadi natural cycle trek – Bhawanipur Tarahara Eastern Nepal.

Charkose Jhadi Cycling Track – Tarahara Eastern Nepal.

Cycling route through the local forest of Tarahara Eastern Nepal

Cycling Track around Bhawanipur Lake Side – Tarahara Eastern Nepal

Cycling to Rani Pokhari – Eastern Nepal.

Cycling from Chatara to Dharan – Sunsari Koshi Eastern Nepal.

Cycling to Sapta Koshi – Chatara – Sunsari Koshi Eastern Nepal.

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